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Grievances: is an insurance self-network platform designed and managed by Prudent Insurance Brokers Private Limited, a company constituted under the Companies Act, 2013 and having its registered office 101, 1st Floor, Tower ‘B’ Peninsula Business Park, G. K. Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, is concerned about the complaints and grievances of its users and clients.

The grievance redressal policy aims to minimise customer complaints and feedback through proper service delivery and review mechanisms. A system has been designed to ensure the effectiveness of the company’s grievance redressal mechanism, it will ensure that the redressal provided to the customers is fair and permissible within the given framework of the set rules and regulations.

The grievance redressal will be made available at all offices of the company. The concerned employees in the respective offices shall be educated about the grievance handling process.

All the policy related matters shall be referred to insurance companies first and only, if need be, be escalated to the Company.

Process for addressing queries:

Step 1: For lodging a complaint online, please wite to us on:

  1. The designated officer must acknowledge the complainant’s concern by replying to the email within three working days.
  2. After ascertaining the matter, we will provide the response and resolution. In case the resolution is likely to take longer time, we will update you with the status.
  3. The company shall exercise all efforts to address the concerns including intimation to the respective insurance company for a quick redressal.
Information required from the complainant is as follows:
  1. Full name of complainant:
  2. Contact number:
  3. Corporate E-mail address:
  4. Policy number:
  5. Brief description of the complaint:

Step2: In case your concerns remain unaddressed for more than seven days, you may escalate the matter to our senior officials as per below escalation matrix.

Escalation matrix:
Level 1:

Mr. Tejinder Singh |

Level 2:

Mr. Bhavik Mehta |

Written grievance correspondence can be couriered to registered office of Prudent Insurance Brokers Private Limited.

Step 3: In case if you are not satisfied with the decision/resolution to the complaint, you may approach our Principal Officer at the address mentioned below:

Principal Officer
For Prudent Insurance Broker Private Limited,
101, 1st Floor, Tower ‘B’ Peninsula Business Park, G. K. Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013

Step 4: If the resolution of grievance is not satisfactory, the complainant can further escalate it as per the process specified by the IRDAI via the below-mentioned link:

In case of no revert for any further clarification, if any, from your side within two weeks from the date of such resolution, the company shall treat the complaint as closed at its end.